Weekly Tweets

  • From miyagi.sg: Weekly Tweets http://tinyurl.com/d6usfr #
  • RT @patlaw: The girls from S Factor can turn any lesbian straight. Urgh. http://is.gd/wjbo #
  • RT @mrbrown: My mom: I only worry this AWARE thing will affect Faith’s Special School. Me: Mom, the school is run by AWWA. #awaresg #
  • A relative: “I’m confused. How come those that are against the lesbians all look more like lesbians?” #awaresg #
  • Quick poll: What does the ‘S’ in ‘The S-factor’ stand for? #
  • The ‘S’ in ‘S-Factor ‘ stands for: RT @gssq: @miyagi Slutty, Shitty, Stupid, Skanky, kanaSai #
  • Follow the flu (no twitter yet): http://www.flu.gov.sg #
  • From miyagi.sg: Second month confinement http://tinyurl.com/cek6pa #
  • RT @victortan: @miyagi: There is! @flusingapore by HPB and another is @sgflu #H1N1 #swineflu #
  • RT @tinkertailor: @miyagi can follow flu at @FluSingapore #
  • RT @missbossy: @miyagi sori that should read @sgflu #swineflu #singapore #
  • RT @yellowhandman: @miyagi Think one of the girls last night said that her fantasy is to try a facial. THIS is on public TV? #
  • RT @Decade78: @miyagi I tot she said it is to try a threesome?? #
  • Kai is officially one month old today (gregorian calendar. one month one day old chinese calendar). We are going to get some cake. #
  • RT @ramblinglib: Learned something new. Starhub is on Twitter: @starhubcares #
  • FB RT: Colin Goh is chuffed that Time magazine called his Coxford Singlish Dictionary a “must buy”! #
  • RT @singapore_news: Jumping tortillas! Mexican ambassador is hopping mad over visa requirements for Mexican visitors to SG http://ow.ly/5aa1 #
  • RT @FluSingapore: [MOH Singapore] As of 6 May 09, there are still no human cases of Influenza A (H1N1) in Singapore. http://bit.ly/14QZ1#
  • Make Pink Dot: http://ping.fm/AgMrK #
  • RT @dsng: Pigs fly; swine flu. #
  • From miyagi.sg: Baby Kai’s Day Out http://tinyurl.com/dcvd8z #
  • Make a Pink Dot: http://pinkdot.sg/ #
  • RT @dsng: Realised iPhone’s autocorrect changes ill to I’ll; but won’t change whore to who’re. The latter leads to some seriously weird … #
  • RT @mrbrown: http://bit.ly/9joQ2 17-yr-old boy with low IQ and thalassermia condition arrested for slamming chair at MP Cynthia Phua’s o … #
  • RT @jaime_tan: What not to twitter! http://is.gd/rQQp #fb #
  • Mas Selamat arrested? http://ping.fm/cufvd #
  • RT @izreloaded: Dear Eileen Ng from The New Straits Times, his name is Mas Selamat, not Mat Selamat duh! http://tinyurl.com/qmpftb #

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