Weekly Tweets

  • From miyagi.sg: Weekly Tweets http://tinyurl.com/cow6v2 #
  • I’ll help integrate you into society, but first you gotta stop cycling on the pavements! #
  • I has ordered Ang Ku Kueh #
  • RT @weareaware: AWARE EGM venue has been changed to Singapore Expo Hall Two. #
  • AWARE for all women: http://ping.fm/y0CQc #
  • From miyagi.sg: http://tinyurl.com/d7pkqw #
  • RT @KennethTanRZ: @mrbrown I think the original Mentor and this Feminist Mentor should lim kopi. They would have so much to talk about. #
  • For Christians on AWARE: http://tinyurl.com/c9kchl #
  • FB RT: IZ Reloaded I think we can all forget about saving Aware at the EGM. Old guards have 600 new members so far. The new exco have ov … #
  • FB RT: IZ Reloaded Staff and members of Church of Our Saviour, have been encouraging people to join Aware and support the new team. http … #
  • From miyagi.sg: What we should be AWARE of http://tinyurl.com/dmafte #
  • RT @skinnylatte: Another guy is trying to date me, and random men want to marry me. Syrian men must’ve never met a lesbian. Memorize my … #
  • Yay, new new AWARE exco! #
  • Just celebrated Baby Kai’s first month and forgot to save Ang Ku Kuehs for ourselves. #
  • From miyagi.sg: Congratulations new new AWARE exco http://tinyurl.com/co69gk #
  • FB RT: Edmund Shern wonders how a country that pulled off the AWARE victory can now tune into S-Factor. #

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