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  • Singpass seems to be down. That’s it. No dealings with Govt bodies today. Hmmm. That ain’t a bad thing. #
  • RT @gssq: Amused the hawker in the market got his Wong Bok from NTUC, not the market #
  • Cheap? Sluts should be free. Whores cost. RT @gssq: Raffles Hotel sells sluts for $6.25 each. Damn, that’s cheap!; #
  • From Mediacorp tries to be funny again #
  • Another account: RT @miyagi: From Mediacorp tries to be funny again #
  • How about that precipitation? #
  • RT @kazitoshi: Let’s hope they don’t raise the price after this RT @menshealth_sg Cocaine found in Red Bull #
  • Yes, esp when migrants frm HK go, …”race, ranguage or re-region” RT @flyirene: Does anyone rmbr d singapore pledge after they left school? #
  • I got shit on my butchew, got sai on my butchew… RT @HossanLeong: wants Nobody nobody butchew…nobody nobody butchew. #
  • potato potahto #
  • RT @sm7catscan: RT @Schwarzenegger: gay marriage will one day be reog and 18K marriages before vote allowed to stand #
  • RT @mrbrown: RT @FluSingapore: Passengers on SQ25 on 26 May fr NY to SG (arr 0630h) seated in rows 52-58, pls contact MOH at 1800-333 9999 #
  • RT @kee_soon: Hossan : “At SING DOLLAR you will get to see two drag performances – Najip as a makcik and Kumar as a man.” #
  • RT @tinkertailor: wah the first #H1N1 girl really from SMU. SMU beats NUS and NTU yet again. #
  • Gotta love CNA: “Asian tsunami kills more than 200K… …win great prizes”. #
  • Dear PM Lee, “Make a Pink Dot” was on 16 May. #
  • RT @gssq: “S’pore supports initiatives against indiscriminate use of anti-personnel mines” – HAHAHAHA. And Iran supports peaceful nuclea … #
  • Come on MPs, ask Govt if Singapore is a manufacturer of anti-personnel mines: #
  • Dengue eradicated (from NEA website) #
  • Baby Kai has dengue and is hospitalised. He’s had one transfusion and is stable. Updates later. #
  • Kai had his 2nd transfusion of platelets tonight. Doc thinks the virus hasn’t peaked yet. #dengue #
  • Thx! @msvindicta @jolintan @jaime_tan @moby74 @dw_wongster @HeartEspresso @yaboon @mezzalaneous @dia00 @STUMPBO @flashmuji @Sandelina_H #
  • Thx! @GenkiGenki @Amizadai @jolantru @stephietan @trineeE @cruzteng @missybrowneyes @kazitoshi @shamong @betshopboy @chibiryan @restlessly #
  • Thanks. @jinnpod @valska #
  • Mainland Chinese serving Mainland Chinese tourists at Lucky Plaza McDonalds. Bit odd. #
  • Kai’s platelets up to 30K. If it keeps going up, then we’re good. #dengue #
  • Kai’s platelets up but not high enough to go home. #

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Mediacorp tries to be funny again

I thought the “Peranakan Ball” was Mediacorp’s worst idea of a joke. Then my friend and actor Brendon Fernandez wrote about something else our fine broadcaster apparently did, apparently for laughs:

Mediacorp has been calling up actors and making appointments with them to attend an audition at Mediacorp for an English-language project which has been described as a “still in development drama-dy”. This is in fact completely disingenuous.

In the account that I heard from an actor who attended the audition on 25 May 2009, the waiting time was in excess of an hour and a half past the scheduled appointment time.

When the auditionee is finally ushered into the area in which the audition is supposed to take place, he or she is given several forms to fill out. The area is reported to resemble a badly-constructed mock up of a tv-set. The auditionee will be left alone in the room.

After some time has passed, the auditionee will hear a knock that appears to come from inside the wardrobe that is on the set. There will also be a voice of someone claiming to be locked in the wardrobe, asking the auditionee to let them out. When the auditionee opens the wardrobe, it will be empty.

At some point after this, the crew will burst out from concealment, and announce something to the effect of “Surprise, you’re on ‘Just For Laughs- Gags’!”

I was saddened and angered to learn that this is how Mediacorp treats working actors today. This was a deliberately concocted scheme to lure professional actors into a humiliating trap. The people who attended devoted their time and their skills in preparation for what they believed to be an audition for a role in a professional tv series. Some may have given up other opportunities for work in order to attend. These actors responded in good faith to what they thought was an opportunity for work, and they were treated abysmally.

If you feel the same way I do, please spread the word. Let people know that this happened. Tell friends in the industry. Tell friends who are not in the industry, but who watch Mediacorp TV. If you work in Mediacorp or for Mediacorp, please speak about this to your colleagues. Ask whose idea this was, and who ok-ed it. Basically, tell other people how you feel. I’ve reached my tag limit for this note, but you can link it, if you like.

I am aware that this is only one part of the story. Those from Mediacorp who perpetuated this charade will undoubtedly have their own version of events. Nevertheless, at this time I find it necessary to state that I personally cannot imagine any circumstance or combination of circumstances that can excuse such behavior.

It is never permissible to treat other people without respect.

Brendon Fernandez
Singaporean Actor


Weekly Tweets

  • From Maybe not so useless #
  • RT @izreloaded: I stop going to Channel News Asia since last night because I’m too scared of the Nasi Lemak ad. #
  • RT @wheezkee: Chuck Norris doesnt wear a watch, HE decides what time it is. #
  • Everybody come and see the Windows Live Cibai! Hahahahhaha! #CIBAI #
  • I am a Trekkie once again. #startrek #
  • RT @j_bettany: My favourite #startrek joke: How many ears does Mr Spock have? 3, a left ear, a right ear and a final front ear #
  • Amazed by Manpower Ministry officer who says, “at the MOM, email is slower than fax, so you should fax us”. WTF?! #
  • “Very funny Scotty, now beam down my pants” #startrek #
  • MOM email auto-response: means if your query means something to you, we will take even longer to deal with it. #
  • As you can tell, I am very very very angry with MOM. #
  • RT @patlaw: From @hedirman : LEGO PORN! HAHAHAHAHAH! #
  • Because email slower than fax: RT @sgtweets: More foreign workers protesting at Ministry of Manpower building. #
  • RT @kazitoshi: e things we do for $ RT @mrbrown: Worst. Job. Ever. I’d take his place but I not so skilled. Also my … #
  • Just got a call from mumble mumble mumble credit card RBS Royal Bank of Scotland sir now got special promotion you want apply try lah. #
  • Have to deal with, and today. If Idon’t return in 15 minutes, evacuate the ship. #
  • NTUC Income sms’d after calling: “Please rate our service from 1 to 6. 1 for Undesirable, 6 for Unbelievable”. Unbelievably Undesirable leh? #
  • RT @bionic_creative: RT @mryap: Exchange business cards on Twitter! #
  • RT @threez: Today is a great day to encourage somebody! You are smart, funny and beautiful! (If you’re my FB friend, you definitely are!) #
  • Today’s dealing with MOM relatively painless. And I got everything I needed by what, 10am? #
  • RT @mrbrown: True story: A stewardess serving continental breakfast found orange juice missing so shouted to colleague “My CB no juice!! … #
  • Naked scholars are good for something too: RT @singapore_news: An A*Star first in fight against H1N1 #
  • Sir Ranulph Fiennes, 65, triple-bypass patient, scales Everest. #
  • Please do not lean on the Doraemon: #
  • From Taxi driver’s good turn #
  • Any good lobangs for iTunes gift cards? #

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Taxi driver’s good turn

We all know that the worst drivers in Singapore are those that drive a cab. They change lanes without signaling, stop where it clearly says no stopping, brake suddenly before that, and generally get on your nerves when you share the road with them.

But fair’s fair, and I have to tell you about this taxi driver who returned my brother-in-law’s wallet complete with cash and credit cards by driving all the way back to where he dropped him off, without a single complaint.

Now you may think that this is to be expected of every service person in this country, but lets not take this for granted.

Good job, Mr Oh Liat Hui, driver of of Citycab SHA7002M.

Maybe not so useless

Hi Xxxx,

Um…. I don’t sell these things. I only blogged about them. Good to know that you don’t consider them completely useless, though.


P.S. Should I start selling these things?

On 17/05/2009, at 6:20 PM, Xxxx Xxx (SingNet) wrote:

Hi Benjamin,
I came across your blog ( and understand that you are selling the Parking Coupon Holder ( at S$38. Do you still have stock in black colour?

I am interested to get one from you. You can contact me at 9XXXXXXX.

Kindly advice. Thanks.

Warm Regards,

Xxxx Xxx
Mobile: (65) 9XXX XXXX Fax: (65) 6XXX XXXX