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  • From Weekly Tweets #
  • From Weekly Tweets #
  • RT @mrbrown: Twelve Major Brands That Will Disappear #
  • From Ang Ku Kueh #
  • RT @skinnylatte: Sarah Beydoun (Beiruti designer) has this crazy cool handbag with Arabic words: “travelled all about the world, all i g … #
  • RT @skinnylatte: Any woman who has publicly said “the greatest stress to marriage is when a woman is independent of her husband” CANNOT … #
  • WTF! The winds just scared the crap out of me. But Baby is sleeping through. #
  • From I wasn’t AWARE but I am now #
  • RT @gssq: “SM Goh praises Singaporean designs at Milan’s international furniture fair”-What do you expect him to do, diss them? Meh. htt … #
  • RT @laremylee: Singapore’s on Boing Boing – but for all the wrong reasons: #
  • From State of the nation #
  • FB RT: QianXi Teng thinks that Thio Su Mien and her posse are behaving like Talkingcock caricatures of conservative homophobic antifemin … #
  • RT @gssq: The AWARE takeover can tell us what an Opposition takeover of Singapore would be like. Secretariat = Civil Service, EOGM = Ref … #
  • From And in other news #

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