As we’ve suspected all along

We did something really stupid on the last Saturday before Christmas – we drove to Parkway Parade and tried to shop. Well actually, we were in the area for reasons beyond our control, but having said that, we could’ve avoided Parkway Parade, but didn’t.

We could also have avoided dining at Olio Dome, but didn’t, and paid the price (about $55) for a dinner so, so bad I’m trying to erase it from record, but because I think there should be some public service announcement about how bad it is, I’m telling you now – don’t order the Christmas set there, and if you think Olio Dome looks nice, quiet and cosy, it’s because the food’s bad and you should go home and chill out if you’re looking for nice, quiet and cosy this week.

The only good thing about Olio Dome at Parkway is that it’s attached to Borders the bookshop, and that’s about all the good I can say, really.

It’s the first time we’ve been to the Parkway branch of Borders, and I was hoping for a more sensible layout and cataloguing system than the Wheelock one- like doing away with a section called “Literature” for example – but after two minutes, was utterly disappointed.

I had been looking for the Pregnancy or Parenting shelf/section which I thought might be in the Health area, which I found to be next to the Computer reference area, which was fine because sometimes you need to figure out why your computer can’t log into some pregnancy websites.

Then I saw a row of books labelled “Fertility and Infertility“, which to me, is like labelling a row of books “Self Help, and No Help”, or “Inspiration and Disillusionment”.

What was even more startling was that “Fertility and Infertility” came under the heading “Appearance”, as labeled at the top of the shelf. Then again, that’s what some people might have suspected all along.

Fertility is all due to Appearance

Fertility is all due to Appearance

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7 responses to “As we’ve suspected all along”

  1. lincoln Avatar

    hahahah… too much time is it?

    Come all the way here to fight traffic and have shitty food…

  2. bluethorn Avatar

    If you must go down to marine parade area, why not check out the marine parade library for books on family/kids? They have a good section for expectant mothers and first-time parents. Should be plenty of space at the hdb carparks nearby and there's a cafe should hunger pangs strike. A short walk down and there's a hawker centre for more substantial dinners. 🙂

  3. QQ*librarian Avatar

    Ah, perhaps Borders should hire a librarian to help them classify their books. 🙂

  4. nalinee Avatar

    Borders got many books but very “luan”.
    Popular, very organised but no books. Unless you kiasu parent looking for assessment book.
    Kinokuniya expensive like toad.
    Damn sad lah.

    Thank God for NLB!

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