Inflation goes crazy

It’s getting worse, this inflation – I don’t know how they measure the CPI, but I’m sure it doesn’t take into consideration how small your dim sum has been getting lately.

Check out the radish pastry from Crystal Jade Shanghai La Mian Xiao Long Bao Which Is In Need Of A Re-Branding Because Name Is Too Long:

The amazing shrinking radish pastry @ Crystal Jade

They used to be at least twice the size! To paraphrase Erik Zoolander, “what is this? Dim Sum for ants? It should be at least… three times the size!

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2 responses to “Inflation goes crazy”

  1. James Soh Avatar

    Indeed, if we had an index measuring just food and transport. It would have shown a very different picture. A very scary one at that.

  2. Dr.Bonnie jackson Avatar
    Dr.Bonnie jackson

    Not all foods that are low in fat are actually low in calories. There has been an explosion of foods that are reduced in fat in the market but mind you most of them are low in fat yet contain lots of sugar such as snacks bars, cookies, cakes, candies, ice cream and so on. Such foods do not promote a healthy diet, even if they are low in fat.

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