I will not stand for my food being censored!

Hate it when my food gets censored

I was at the neighbourhood Cheers convenience store looking to get tempted to buy snackies when I picked up a packet of Seneca Apple Chips, turned to see the ingredients listed, in case they were made with harmful stuff like trans fat and fake apples, and saw the blurb describing the product which was marked in places with permanent marker ink.

Thinking it might be the random work of an Apple Chip Packet Vandal, I picked up another packet, and it was marked the same manner, making me think that it might be the work of a Serial Apple Chip Packet Vandal…

It is still funny even though you sorta know what word it was that was so uglily struck out. In fact, it makes me wonder who complained, and caused them to hastily black-mark the offending word instead of recalling the product.

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7 thoughts on “I will not stand for my food being censored!”

  1. If the word is “healthy”, it makes sense coz the SG govt doesn't allow “health claims” on snacks..something to that effect coz I was doing ads for my other food client and the SG govt is very sticky when it comes to the copy on e packaging.

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