Krups is krap

Krups is krap
The stickers with my name on them were put there by the service centre… I’m gonna be collecting them like WW2 aces did when they shot down enemy planes.

A year and a half ago, Naomi’s mother gave us this Krups fully automated espresso machine, and being espresso addicts, we were thrilled. We set the machine up in the dining area, read the manual carefully, bought our favourite beans, and enjoyed several cups of coffee before the damn thing broke down a week later, a week outside its warranty period.

To get a Krups machine repaired in Singapore, you have to take it yourself to their contracted service centre, run by a company called Richland Group Limited, whose website will tell you absolutely nothing about repairing coffee machines.

Some more, they’re located in a warehouse type building in Changi, so, bringing your machine there is a bitch unless you live in Changi. The first time I took our machine to be fixed, it cost about $80 including parts and GST, and the lady there told me that the machine would be under a month’s warranty after that.

Just under a year after that, our fully automated espresso machine’s LCD display read “Service 1” when I turned it on one morning. The manual said if the machine’s LCD display read “Service n”, to try unplugging the power, then plugging it back in and turning it back on. It didn’t work, so it was back to Changi, to Richland Group’s massive warehouse building, and to pay $80 including parts and GST to get it fixed.

The engineer attending to me said that an “O-Ring” needed to be replaced. So I just shrugged and paid and brought the machine home a week later to enjoy our espressos again.

It’s been 3 weeks, and yesterday morning, after the fully automated espresso machine had fully automatically ground a handful of arabica beans, it made this horrendous noise not unlike that which a lawn mower makes when you run it over a mound of pebbles, and it refused to stop making that noise until I unplugged the thing.

I’ve tried plugging it back and turning it back on, but it’s still running over that mound of pebbles.

I’m fed up, and wondering if anyone has the same problem with any fully automated espresso machine, and whether they’re from Krups, because at the Richland Group Limited’s service centre, the shelves are chock full of espresso machines that have been sent for servicing and repair.

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54 responses to “Krups is krap”

    1.  Avatar

      That’s why I use a humble French press 🙂

      1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

        But you can’t French press an espresso.

  1. w Avatar

    man, sorry to hear about your experience. over here in france we have the nespresso brand, it’s a whole load more reliable, no problems in the last 3 years. do you have this brand in spore?

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      Yeah, we bought a Nespresso each for our mothers, and they’re
      enjoying it. The refills are a little on the expensive side though,
      at S$0.90 a pop. And we are serious coffee drinkers.

      1. w Avatar

        man. that’s pretty ex. but nespresso prob knows their machines are reliable, hence the extra $$. =(

  2.  Avatar

    Hi, I’ve the same BAD experience with Krups or Kraps. Mine is the semi-auto expresso machine XP2000, broke down many times before & after the warranty period..
    Any recommendation for a new expresso machine???
    Which nespresso did r u guys using?

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      Can’t remember the model we bought our mothers. But apparently they’re all pretty good and reliable.

      1.  Avatar

        Just checked the Krups website, found this
        Nespresso using Krups machines???
        Anyway, gonna drop by the Nespresso outlet this evening. Hope I can find a replacement soon…

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  4. binks Avatar

    shit! my KRUPS machine is crap also. cant effing foam the milk!!!! im so pissed.

  5. Harry Ganga Avatar
    Harry Ganga


    I just happened to read this post and the subsequent one advising completion of repairs. I felt like a kindred soul and am writing in. I also wish to know what magic you used to get the machine repaied so fast!.
    I bought my Krups automatic coffee maker (no gift!) in March 2008 from Harvey Norman. I opted for the pricier XP7240 model (same as yours but with a fancier display). Commissioned the machine in late April 2008 and enjoyed great coffee exactly for 36 days. The machine then broke down leaking water all over the countertop when switched on. After a thorough search with the maps and driving endlessly, managed to locate Richland. I told the rep that my 2 months old machine broke down and he immediately asked me whether the machine is under warranty! Left the machine there on 16th June and am still waiting for the sweet message from the service centre. I called twice to get the status only to be told that the part has to be flown in and still has not arrived (the plane may be lost in the Bermuda triangle, or like Qantas blew a hole on the fuselage sending the spare flying somewhere over the Indian ocean!).
    While waiting to resume enjoying my cuppa, I thought I can share my misery with you. Indeed, the service centre shelves are filled with coffee makers of all descriptions. To my question whether all these were waiting for repairs and there have been too many breakdowns, the rep said “sometimes, lah”! Indeed, Krups should be renamed Kraps.

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  7. hifiguy Avatar

    Me too! My Krups full automatic just died on me!

  8. Mr Mark Avatar
    Mr Mark

    Kindred feelings here… Also living in Singapore and have the same KRUPS coffee machine you do. It's now in for it's 3rd service for the same fault. 1 in warranty and 2 out of warranty. The problem is the machines makes funny noises when you try to froth the milk or get hot water out of the nozzle and steam comes out of the back of the machine. Repair was reasonably quick, around 2 weeks.

  9. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    You know? we really should start a “Krups is Krap” group.

  10. Joel Avatar

    i have a krups espresso xp4020. fully manual. been using it for 1 yr plus and only send it for service once. i went to service it at best denki as i purchase it there and u can service there. though takes longer period of time, but at the very least, they provide better quality services than RICHLAND SERVICE CENTER. they have attitude problem. i would prefer using manual espresso compared to automated. cause the taste of manual espresso and automated espresso is totally different. though its kind of troublesome. moreover i have use saeco and delonghi automated espresso machine b4 and both of it breaks down in less than 6mths. so i changed to krups manual. As for krups xp7200 and xp7240, you guys have to check if its the latest “G” series and not “E” series. i overheard from my fren working as krups promoter saying that the older “E” series had alot problems. likewise for newer batch “G” series have lesser problem.


  11. Joel Avatar

    are u kidding me? xp2000 its a manual espresso machine. its totally the same as my xp4020. just that you can make normal caffe with it.currently in krups market in singapore, only krups xp4050 is semi auto. u can google search the pic.

  12. TL Avatar

    Oh wow. Thanks for all these sharings both positive (singular) and negatives (plural). Will go for Manual system from Best Denki….. or somebody has better recommendation for the same price range?

  13. or else Avatar
    or else

    hmmm, been using mine for >5 years (not sure about the model number but similar to your pix)…bought that in UK, travelled with us throughout Europe (job moves) and now with us in Singapore…still in good shape…never repaired, just try to keep it well maintained and cleaned….

  14. wong km Avatar
    wong km

    got a fully auto Krups xp7200.Broke down 4 times in a year.I gave up on it and swear never to buy Krap stuff again.

  15. Julian Avatar

    Hi! You should get a nespresso if ur krups/kraps breaks down again! i own a nespresso romeo E350. Apart from being superbly reliable, it can produce wonderful espresso, cappuccino and cafe latte! yes the capsules are quite pricey, but hey, we should do our part to stimulate our economy yes? 😀

  16. log splitter Avatar

    I once had this machine and It went broke almost one month after using it

  17. Hans-Göran Avatar

    Hi, I bought a XP7200 three years ago for about 400 Euro here in Sweden. It got a shortage inside and was replaced after a year of duty. I got the new one on the guarantee. Now it has broken down again and puts all the water on the sink. No more guarantee so I am looking for a service manual. I want to take the machine apart and see if I can fix it. A new O-ring for example should cost me a Euro or so.

  18. ahbeng Avatar

    Krups repair services sucks! I had mine Krups XP4020 manual espresso machine repair after nearly 1 year of usage, when it starts to leaks whenever I brew a espresso shot. I have been sending in for repair and re-repair since August 08 and until now, the problems persist! I had sent it in at least 8 times! From then, the service repair which was Richland Group Limited and now been changed to TNT, yet technician still unable to solve the leaking problem that I have been having for more then almost 6 mths! Krups machine Sucks! Their after sales service is even Sucker! DAMN! PUI PUI PUI! I HATE KRUPS!

  19. ahbeng Avatar

    Can anyone tell me where can I get better service than the local agent itself (TNT)? I need a real Krups technician who is able to solve the leaking problem that my machine is giving me! I ve been missing a good cupa of crema for a long long time…. I gona get mad soon if my machine continue to gives me headache! PUI PUI PUI !!! Damn Krups!!!! I HATE KRUPS AND THE PEOPLE AT RICHLANDS & TNT!!!!! PUI PUI!!!!!

  20. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    I'm really sorry to hear about that. I dunno where else you can fix
    your Krups. I've given up.

  21. Darren Avatar

    You can get round this service 1 error message by doing the following :-

    The reason is due to an air lock in the internal pipes so the service centre claims.

    Hold in the steam button and whilst it is depressed, press the power on button fro a few seconds, then release the power on button and the steam button, it should show 'STEAM'.

    Then turn off the unit.

    Next time it powers up it asks for a container to be placed under the hot water outlet, then press the hot water button – it will purge the water removing any air bubbles.

    You may need to repeat this a few times.

    My machine never did this until it went back for a repair and now does this every month or so..

    Hope this helps 🙂

  22. ahbeng Avatar

    Mine is a manual machine so the suggestion given by Darren can't work on my machine. It leask around the brew head area. Even replacing the gasket did not work. I agree with mayagi, Krups is rea;;y Craps indeed!

    If I still could not resole the leaking problem, I am gona to upgrade my espresso machine to Rancilio Silva.

    Damm I am miss my cupa badly…. Damm Krups!

  23. Krups & TMT Are Rubbish Avatar
    Krups & TMT Are Rubbish

    i strongly agreed! Krups expresso mechine is absolutely crap! i bought two XP7200 for my company but less than 1 month both mechine broken down and sent to their appointed service center called TMT. It has been two weeks after i sent for repair but the mechines are still not ready!! What a rubbish product and a service center really!!

  24. whatMachineIsGood Avatar

    Alright hold on here, i happened to stumble upon this site and was initially considering to get myself a Krups.. After reading all the above, maybe i should not. Any other espresso machines from other brands that i can safely say is reliable or worth considering? Thanks in advance..

  25. Joel Avatar

    firstly, its ur fault for getting a krups espresso machine. krups espresso machine is actually not suitable for office usage. its only for home use. secondly, have u ever think of why it breaks down so fast? did u all maintain it well and everything? i dare to say no. i've seen loads of customer bringing back krups machine on behalf of their company for service. just at a glance of it, it shows that they didnt maintain it at all. the only suggestion that i can hve for u is spend more money to a commercial use espresso machine. if not, spend more money on calling krups pple down to do a cleaning and maintence for u.

  26. Joel Avatar

    even if u buy saeco, jura or even delonghi espresso, it will still be the same. as all this is just for normal home usage. and not commercial use. that is why all breaks down so fast. normally for servicing takes you 2-3weeks. just hang on….

  27. Joel Avatar

    its common problem for manual espresso machine to leak. as all brands manual espresso brewing head is using a rubber sealing to seal it up. as u know, rubber wear and tear. you should just get yourself a new espresso machine. you cant rely much on xp4020, afterall its still a made in china product. and with the price of $309 it lasted u for 1 year, already worth the price. you can simply just get a new machine. if u can spend the price repairing, why not use it to get a new 1.

  28. Joel Avatar

    it depends. you can actually still go for krups. cause nothing is perfect. u came to the forum of anti krups product. of coz all bad point is stated here. there is also bad points on delonghi and saeco machine as well.. different machines, different bad point. my only advice to u is:

    Saeco Espresso:
    Good points— High quality brewing unit use. Thus producing strong aroma taste in espresso.
    Bad points— Average big in size brewing unit, difficult for washing. In terms of frothing of milk, lose out to Delonghi.

    Krups Espresso:
    Good points—self clean brewing unit. brewing unit is hidden inside. only needa do cleaning whenever the indication show and just throw in a tablets. can rinse and clean all the internal tubing. more hygience. Likewise for Delonghi and Saeco, have to clean brewing unit often. Moreover inner tubing cannot be wash and clean. thus there will be algae after long usage and you wont even know there is algae in the inner tube. In terms of espresso and frothing, normal average. Krups is somehow a all rounder.
    Bad Points— water leaking if you didnt maintain it properly. Espresso nozzle wont flow out smoothly after long use.

    Delonghi Espresso
    Good points— Small brewing unit, easy for washing. constant steam power, thus frothing is the best out of all Krups and Saeco. come with both coffee grinder and coffee powder holder. dual usage, can use either coffee beans or powder to make espresso.
    Bad points— Espresso aroma and taste not up to standard compared to Krups and Saeco. Brewing unit catches very fragile, thus breaks very easily and will wear and tear.

    Conclusion Summary:

    Saeco — Strong aroma taste of espresso. But weak in frothing. Loses out to Krups and Delonghi.

    Krups — All rounder. Aroma is there but not as strong as Saeco
    Frothing better than Saeco but not Delonghi.

    Delonghi — Almost perfect frothing. But aroma of espresso is not
    there. Loses out to both Saeco and Krups.

    The above is all the pros and cons listed out for u. can actually reconsider again. rather than listening to all the sales promoter talk outside. just a waste of time listening to them. =D take care. wishing you all the best in getting your espresso machine.

  29. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Thanks for all that, Joel. You certainly are a font of knowledge.

  30. Joel Avatar

    nah.. i'm just a beginner in espresso. only know the basic knowledge. =)

  31. HG Avatar

    we have same problem with ours too. We bought it a year and a half ago, then we moved to Vietnam, it broke down.. we have sent back and fort to the so-called Krups CS here, didn't have to pay much (almost free) but it's working properly only the first 3 days then problem is back, the same thing.. I am thinking of taking it to Singapore where we bought it to have it fixed properly.. but now, I might just buy a new one.. Thanks for all your comments.

  32. anneliesedekiere Avatar

    Hi I have a Krups xp7200 which I have had for about 3 years. I have had it fixed once which cost me about $300 to have the gasket replaced. I really love the machine as it makes such a nice cup of coffee and being a bit of a coffee addict I've tried a lot of coffee machines and know that there are a lot that don't make really nice tasting coffee. I am now having what I think might be the same problem. I would really like to fix it but was hoping to do it myself this time as I don't really want to spend another $300 on such and inexpensive machine. Does anyone know where I can get hold of instructions on how to do this?

    1. Cino_23 Avatar

      Go for a JURA coffee machine with excellent service?

  33. youngjin Avatar

    My brand new xp7240 is leaking too.

  34. Louis Avatar


    Just found this thread and finding it very educational!

    I actually bought my manual Krups close to 9 years ago, but have stopped using it about 3 years ago. When I was using the unit, the frequency was about once or twice a week on average. Since Joel made the comment about having algae in the inner tubing, is it still worthwhile to clean the unit (with tablets or the solutions specifically for Krups) if I was to start using my machine again?


  35. tom Avatar

    i have the same machine.the o ring is usually the problem.but you must use a genuine o ring,because of the high temp.inside the machine.its easy to replace.
    regards tom…

  36. florence Avatar

    Hi Joel,

    You seems to have good knowledge on Krupp machine and wonder if you could help. I have a Krupp XP7240 at home but the machine produce very diluted coffee. there is a button to adjust the thickness of the coffee but it doesn't work. We have sent for service and it's still the same. What should i do ?

  37. florence Avatar

    Hi Joel,

    You seems to have good knowledge on Krupp machine and wonder if you could help. I have a Krupp XP7240 at home but the machine produce very diluted coffee. there is a button to adjust the thickness of the coffee but it doesn't work. We have sent for service and it's still the same. What should i do ?

  38. newbi Avatar

    Does anyone know about JURA?? any comment on the brand?? heard from my friends saying that jura is good comparing with the rest of the brands that you guys are talking about.
    just need some feedback before making a choose.

  39. Guest Avatar

    Florence. Your machine grinding timing to be adjusted. I think, if you bring it to the service center (now TMT) and pay a fee. They will adjust it for you. I got mine adjusted because I am using a much more oily bean which I got from Vietnam. Prolong the grinding timing will allow the grinder to ground more coffee to make a single cup of espresso each time and the coffee will taste “thicker”. Worth paying for the adjustment to suit the beans that I am using.

  40. Guest Avatar

    I agree with Joel. I have use my KRUPS for close to 5 years. I have sent in my machine to Richland before and TMT now to maintenance it every 7 to 8 months. Paying over $100 each time to get a good cup of coffee problem free is worth it.

  41. Pauline Avatar

    krups coffee machines makes the best espresso coffee while it working. but you try getting it repaired in the UK, I have had a krups it worked fine for 3years to cut a long story short it packed up and has been back to krups recommended repair service 4 times and still not working so I fear it will have to go in the bin, Ill never by another krups because the repair service is krap

  42. Antghs Avatar

    delonghi charges 100 dollars just to look at machine before repair – change of parts charges seperately – mor ethan consulation by specialist in hospital
    really pissed with them as second time in six months  send for repair semi- automantic magnifica coffee machine
    real daylight robbery
     should not buy any delonghi product in future

  43. KL Avatar

    Just to share with everyone, Krups is actually a very good expresso machine, it give a  very nice espresso and beautiful crema – only during time  when I am doing the distribution in Singapore. Previously no body know what is Krups espresso machine and all the other Krups appliances, eg blenders, food processor etc were in a mess – distributed by 2 MNC’s.

    When a new company took over Krups it has a very hard time to distribute the product range and finally there is a tremendous break through!

    The consumers accepted the Krups machines and we provide either immediate service or within 48 hrs and any longer we will provide a temp. machine.

  44. KL Avatar

    If you are a real coffee or espresso drinkers/enthusiast, do not go for capsule kind of machines. All the capsule are pre-pack from other places and once its packed it will store it till they receive the order. Remember the capsule do not pack in Singapore! But if you find that it is ok and tastes just as good then pls carry on! Just for sharing, perhaps you need to use the normal mineral water instead of our tap water it will helped to improve the machine function.

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