Al-Fresco is not a terrorist organisation that operates outdoors

North Border
Best quesadillas we’ve had in the dark

We had the pleasure of dining with Loyal Reader Lincoln last night, finally getting ourselves to Rochester Park something like 10 years after they redeveloped it into a unique dining and recreation enclave with no parking.

It is Wagyu Month at North Border, and while we’re normally quite bleah about Wagyu, we gave it a shot and it was really quite good, as were the quesadillas and the Sante Fe crab cakes. Which were really quite kick-ass. As in good.

North BorderSpeaking of ass-kicking, and unbeknownst to many, there is also a little kiosk inside the restaurant for people who are into ass-kicking chili and other gut-burning sauces, and well, sells the largest array of these sauces and condiments outside of AZ, NM, CO and UT, where the climate and terrain is so dry and inhospitable, people find it necessary to consume these things just so they can ask themselves “what the fuck have I just done coz there is no water?”

But at Rochester Park, it’s not so bad. There’s water, and there’s a proprietary Bailey’s ice-cream you can order to quell the fire in your mouth and belly if you’ve been silly enough to try some of the stuff.

North Border Bar & Grill

2 Rochester Park Singapore 139213

Tel: 67776618

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2 responses to “Al-Fresco is not a terrorist organisation that operates outdoors”

  1. lincoln Avatar

    Next one's on you mate…

  2. lincoln Avatar

    Next one's on you mate…

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