Wine Garage

We don’t drink, so we might never have gone to the Wine Garage for a meal if not for our friend telling us how awesome the food was. We like awesome food because they taste good.

Chef Travis Masiero smokes his own bacon. No, really. Who in this day and age smokes their own bacon? Next thing they’re gonna tell us is that bacon comes from pigs.

There were a few items on the Wine Garage’s menu that sounded too heavy to be ordered in a combo, in one sitting, but as our friend puts it, we’re ‘enablers’. Once one of us feels like eating something, the other says, ‘Good call, go fer it!’.

And so, we ordered pork skewers with watermelon cubes, chips and blue cheese fondue, two burgers (the one with the home-smoked bacon), a pasta and a spinach salad, expecting to eat ourselves to death. But, and this was very surprising, it didn’t feel like it was a mistake at all. We were sated, and at the right degree of fullness too, if there’s such a thing.

Feeling really good after such an awesome but non-lethal meal, we then proceeded to go across the river to The Central, where we tipped ourselves over the edge with some Azabu Sabo ice-cream.

The Wine Garage
30 Merchant Road (map)
#01-07 Riverside Point
Singapore 058282
Tel: (65) 6533 3188

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2 responses to “Wine Garage”

  1. nadnut Avatar

    sounds good! shall visit them next time!

  2. nadnut Avatar

    sounds good! shall visit them next time!

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