La Petite Cuisine

La Petite Cuisine
Best Foie Gras for $15

Pan-seared foie gras for $15? That alone should be the clincher for La Petite Cuisine.

But because for both Naomi and myself, this place has some sort of history, there’s more to talk about.

We enjoyed the more expensive incarnation of this establishment about two years ago, when it was two shops down Bukit Timah Road at Cluny Court. Things were a little more formal, with the Maitre ‘D being all businesslike and brusque and the food at an exquisite standard. They closed shop for some reason, and we thought we had lost another good place to eat at.

But while they were still running La Cuisine, they also operated their more informal outlet at Serene Centre, and that’s now become their only outlet, which is not a bad thing, because La Petite Cuisine is petite mostly because the offerings are a lot cheaper. $15 for a foie gras, and $12 for the prawn and foie gras ravioli in lemon creme sauce gives you a cheapo French meal.

This place and The French Stall on Sturdee Road are out to prove that French food needn’t be pretentious or pricey. Just don’t expect any conversation from Mr Maitre ‘d.

Recommended (i.e. we only ate these): foie gras, prawn ravioli.

La Petite Cuisine
10 Jalan Serene
#01-05 Serene Center
Singapore 258748 (map)

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