What for tickets?

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Fill up survey form or donate sperm? Donate survey form or fill up sperm? Hmmmmm.

Irish website SpermForTickets.com works by inviting men to apply for “donation packs”, which are mailed to the applicants, and once filled, the donation containers are sent back to the Irish sperm bank via a “fast courier network“. Once your sperm has been verified or something, tickets to European concert festivals of your choice will be mailed to you.

SpermForTicketsThe response has been overflowing overwhelming, and SpermForTickets.com says that their clients are “calling a halt to the invitation to apply for packs”.

So many puns, so little time. OK. Got some time:

“Come. And get your tickets”

“Need tickets? The solution is at hand.”

To PR firms and other companies trading tickets for surveys, the sticky stuff on the “filled-up” forms may not be food stains. Well, um.. then again… OK, so little time.

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