Once you’re done poking yourself or your friends on Facebook, you can try buggerising around with the following toys this weekend:

As blogged about by mrbrown, but it seems to be a bit slow given the attention it’s gotten in the last two days. And I haven’t uploaded anything because I can’t find anything I own the copyright to, to be able to. But when I do, it’ll be on

Photoshop Express (Beta)
Photoshop yourself from any computer with internet access. (Xiaxue, faster sign up!)

From my album at

Dejal Narrator

Let your stories come alive with different voices reading them out. Very good when you can’t get actors, or your friends to read your stuff for you. (Mac OSX Leopard)

This is just like Blogger / WordPress / Typepad, only simpler, and you can do simple things like set up a photoblog with full RSS syndication – just like Flickr, but again, simpler – see mine:

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  1. There are very cool information have been given by you. I have read and want to say that the Photoshop Express is too old I think. So here need to being something new.

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