Talent scouting


Rijal Yadri Jumari was ‘talent-spotted’ to be a future JI leader. How does one ‘talent-scout’ or ‘talent-spot’ a potential terrorist?

I suppose the talent scout comes up to you on the street and says, “Hey, wanna earn some extra bucks as a terrorist? You look like the sort. That crazed look in your eye, the beard and twitchy fingers. Not to mention your constant mumbling to yourself. You’re a natural. Here, take my card. Gimme a call any time you want to come down and audition. We’ll set something for you to blow up. OK?”

Apart from that, I’m sure there are very, very good reasons why we don’t know anything about Rijal’s arrest – where he was when he was arrested, and the gap between the arrest and the Order of Detention, what he looks like (which could really be useful if indeed he escapes), whether he’s going to be detained at Whitley Road or some other unknown but more secure place away from schools and residential areas.

One thing’s for sure though – he’s going to be escorted to the toilet.

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