National precision jargon specialist

Why is she throwing water behind her?

Learn to be a national precision engineering specialist whereby you will be able to throw water precisely at the back of your own head. While running.

The ZoCard I found said, “Join a new breed of technologists getting our hearts pumping. Precision Engineering – it’s not just your life you’ll redefine”.

I didn’t get it, so I went to the SPETA website and found out that this Precision Engineering Specialist Programme is an initiative of EDB, WDA, Spring Singapore and SPETA. SPETA, in their own words, are a non-profit trade association representing locally registered companies engaged in the manufacturing of moulds & dies, jigs & fixtures, metal stamping, metal castings, plastic and rubber moldings, precision machining, photonic and semi-conductor equipment, aerospace and automotive parts, as well as in providing services related to the precision engineering industry.”

They also write very long sentences.

They also say of the “PE Manpower Initiative“, which is what the ZoCard was about, is a structured in-employment upgrading programme whereby the Singapore Government and industry jointly provide special upgrading opportunities for engineering candidates in employment through part-time PE specific diploma or equivalent means.

The civil service-esque use of “whereby” makes it a lot clearer though, doesn’t it?

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