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Even if I didn't have the money?

So, prices are going up across the board. And unless you’re a civil servant, I haven’t heard anything about commensurate increases in salaries. And when I received this flyer from the fine people at Lexus, who will have you believe that their Toyota can be yours for a hundred thousand dollars more just because it sports a different badge, I greeted it with disgust because I don’t like having salt rubbed into my wounds because too much sodium is bad for you.

But if you’re looking for a bargain this festive season, we found one.

Last week, we drove into an SPC petrol station to feed the car on her $2 per litre diet, and discovered that Snapples were going for $1 a bottle, which is like, dirt cheap, because you can get it at $1.50 or more in other non-service places, and around $3 at cafes.

So we bought 2 dozen bottles of the stuff “made from the best stuff on Earth”, and we were very happy to not only increase our sugar intake, but to add to our wealth of very useful general knowledge.

Snippets of trivia called “Real Facts” can be found on the inside of Snapple bottle caps.

Off the top of my head, I can tell you that hummingbirds’ hearts beat 1400 times a minute (Real Fact #127), and that there are more caribou than people in Alaska (Real Fact #81).

Hungry for more knowledge, I drove into another SPC a couple of days ago and asked the cashier whether Snapples were still going for $1 a bottle. The auntie looked aghast and said, “No! They are $3 for 3 bottles!”

Slightly taken aback, I took several seconds to recalculate how much two dozen bottles would cost me with the change in price, and I was very happy to discover that despite the price change, they were still $24 for 24 bottles.

I’ve since learned that flamingoes are pink because they eat shrimp, and that I needn’t have bought so many bottles just for the trivia because the Snapple “Real Facts” can be found on their website.

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