Urgent: Toxic toy alert

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No, this is not another news item about made in China toys.

An Australian made toy was banned today after it was found that when ingested, it metabolizes into the illegal drug known as GHB.

In Queensland, a two-year old boy was hospitalised after falling unconscious from swallowing some of the beads from the “Bindeez” toy. Apparently, the glue used in the beads is the culprit, and the chemicals in it changes into GHB when ingested.

I haven’t seen any information in Singapore yet regarding the toy, but it is still listed on the local Toys R Us as of today (6 Nov). Please pass this information on.

Update: The toy is made in Hong Kong, and apparently, the component in the toy’s glue used had been switched from petane diol to butane diol, which metabolizes in the body into GHB.

Update 9th November: 6th child in Australia/New Zealand hospitalised. Toys R Us Singapore has taken it off their website, while there’s still no news on a Singapore recall, if any.

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