Hello, fine snack, please to meet you

We visited a newish mall called The Central, not to be confused with Central Mall, a couple of days ago, because unbeknownst to us, Liang Court was being renovated when we went there to take dinner.

It’s absolutely ok if that was the clunkiest sentence you’ve ever read, because at The Central Not To Be Confused With Central Mall, there are signs to read which are just as bad.

First, we saw the sign outside the Sun With Moon Japanese Restaurant & Cafe:

Because you might just walk through it

We weren’t careful, so we went in and ended up eating at the restaurant. Thank goodness it was a decent meal. But you’ve been warned before about these doors, so don’t say you didn’t know.

But because we were late in leaving the house, there wasn’t much time to browse the shops, but it seems it’s a pretty good place for friendly food:

Hi fine snack, pleased to meet you!

Yes, Japlish does meet Singlish at The Central, and there’s a shop in the basement that sells all manner of Japanese snacks which are fun because from the names, you’re never sure what they’re made of:

Don't want to know where these came from

Nor these

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