An open sandwich to the Prime Minister

If anything the latter half of this year has been remarkable for, it’s been the “open debate” we’ve heard about but rarely experienced. There’s been more “open letters” lately than I care to remember. Even the doyenne of Singapore Lit has set up a website for such a purpose.

Sure, prices are going up, and you’re not allowed to play an XBox game because it’s got one lesbian scene (damn, which button combo is it?) in it. But hey, it’s the festive season, and in America and everywhere else that follow American traditions (like the whole English speaking world), it’s Thanksgiving this week.

Thanksgiving is about a bunch of pilgrims who came across some turkeys and gave thanks for them because turkeys make a good meal, especially when you get them frozen, like we do, from the supermarkets, which stock everything you want from America but which are made in China, and more.

So, this thanksgiving, I present, an Open Sandwich To The Prime Minister:

An open sandwich

Toasted Swiss Farmer Bread (from Swiss Bakery),
Caramelised Organic Onions (Onions from L’Organic)
Camembert Cheese (from Cold Storage)

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