What if Singapore were a person? Part Two

Good time to think about it, you know? Since National Day’s around the corner, and it’d be a bit, I dunno, funny if you thought about it any other time of the year?
How would you see Singapore personified? YouTube it and tag it ‘SingaporePersonified‘ (one word). Doesn’t matter if National Day’s over by the time you do it. It’s like 12 days of Christmas, or 15 days of Chinese New Year. Alternatively, if you don’t have as much of an itchy backside like me and can’t be bothered with a video or a podcast, then just pen down your thoughts – like what Bored Slacker has done (and who thinks Singapore is a middle class, risk averse male).

Starring Beatrice Chia and Jake the Cat:

Update: Watch Parts One and Three too!

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