A royal Thai affair

Thai Festival 2007 - Thai Embassy Singapore

I never know when the festival is at the Thai embassy. So it was good that I happened to drive past it last Saturday, and we managed to sneak in a good hour on the festival’s last day on Sunday afternoon looking at such Thai fare as Tom Yum, Pad Thai and coconut.

There were also several stalls selling handicraft such as ‘breast pins’ and also stalls which sold clothing as you’d find in Chatuchak on the weekend. Only this was Orchard Road, and so were the prices. We eyed a piece of clothing and asked for the price, only for the saleswoman to ask her colleague in Thai how much it was. Her colleague said ’40’, and she asked to clarify: ‘I thought it was 30, now 40?’

Good thing we were in Chatuchak mode, and we did manage to get the price down to something more between Singapore and Bangkok, and then sauntered off to the food stalls, and then browsed some more through the other stuff we wouldn’t buy.

Such as ointments called male gel’ and ‘breast cream‘. Instructions for the former are simple to follow:

“Apply once or twice a day over private part”.

It’s a ‘unique gel’ only for ‘masculine man’ though.

Flickr set of Thai Festival 2007

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4 responses to “A royal Thai affair”

  1. nadnut Avatar

    breast cream?!? hmmmmm.

  2. nadnut Avatar

    breast cream?!? hmmmmm.

  3. IZ Reloaded Avatar

    Damn! I miss it. Was there during last year’s festival.

  4. IZ Reloaded Avatar

    Damn! I miss it. Was there during last year’s festival.

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