The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part Eight

Mating Sea-MonkeysWe’re still enamored with our little critters, and we’re very pleased to report that we think that one of the ten sea-monkeys may be pregnant because she or it is sporting what looks like an egg sac.

Furthermore, last night, one of the other sea-monkeys latched on to the apparently pregnant one and has been attached since. We read on sea-monkey sites that they’re mating.

No, we have no idea why the pregnant sea-monkey would still mate when there are others for the, um, male sea-monkey to choose from, though we can’t be sure if any of the others are female. Or if these two are really mating. Or if the one with the egg-sac-looking like sac is really pregnant.

Oh well.

Mating Sea-Monkeys

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Mocking names

I’m not talking about Hongkongers and their ownself give ownself first names, but this list of baby names that will guarantee that the unfortunate children that are given some of the names will be remembered.

Neither am I talking about hip-hop and rap stars and their own brand of ownself give ownself first names, like Jay-Z and Five-Percent, but there’s this baby name spelled J-Me and pronounced Jamie.

And there’s our very own Ix Shen who named himself after Roman numerals, with the very slight possibility that he might have a conversation that goes:

Hi, and you are?

Ix. Ix Shen.

Pleased to meet you, Shen. That’s a bad hiccup you’ve got. Can I get you a glass of water?


Oh, bless you. You know, you really shouldn’t keep a sneeze in. Damages the nasal passage.

Then there’s Texan child that was named ESPN by his parents, and you know that’s not a girl’s name.

There are

It’s hard to imagine that any of these names are for real. But tell that to the parents of this child in New Zealand who named their kid “4Real”:

Hi, and you are?


For real?


Sorry, did you say your name was 4real?

4real, 4real.


Can we talk about something else now?

There’s more. In 2005, in Texas, no less, a boy was named “Ranger“. I’d like to think his last name was Walker. And I speculate that the mothers of two boys had difficult labours because they called their sons “Rage“. “Jecember” was born in June, and “Philadelphia” was born in San Francisco. But the babies that take the cake are the ones who’ll have no trouble remembering how to spell their names when they’re in kindergarten because they’re called “Abcde” (although pronounced Absidee).

Ha ha. He he. Ho ho. But if you’re going to name your kids something that will invite taunting and ridicule, at least have more than one child and give all of them silly names so that they’ll have company.

If you must, the list is here. (via Bits & Pieces) No, no-one has named their kid Moron yet.

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The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part Seven

State of the union

For the benefit of those who are wondering if we’ve upturned the tank into the toilet, we’re pleased to report that we’ve spotted three tiny baby sea-monkeys in the tank, and they seem to be frisky and swimming around the increasingly murky water, which is filled with sea-monkey-faecal matter and carcasses.

Yes, there have been deaths, but that’s the natural course of things. There are about 10 to 15 adult sea-monkeys left, and they’re each about 1cm long.

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So we were walking past a Thai restaurant, and it was the middle of a busy Sunday afternoon and all, and the colourful Thai desserts on display caught our eye, as they are designed to. We stopped to see what we wanted to stuff our faces with, as they are designed to.

A waitress working behind the dessert counter told us that the kueh were “minimum six pieces, six dollars and five cents”, while we mulled over which six of the colourful tiles on offer to pick.

“What’s the yellow one?”


“The green one?”


“Yah, we know, and so’s the white one, but what else are they made of? Can’t be all coconut and then just different colour right?”

“Don’t know, but all got coconut”.

“OK, four white coconut one, one yellow coconut one, and one green coconut one.

“I think the green one is pandan and coconut”

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