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Told them not to leave my car out in the sun…

The car valet service at Mount Elizabeth Hospital & Medical Centre works like this: You drive through the ERPsteal-how-much-money-from-your-cashcard-you-also-dunno-and-can’t-do-anything-anyway gantry, ask one of the valet-looking type people (they’re the ones standing in the middle of the driveway) where to leave your car, and they point for you to drive into the car park yourself, where you see another valet-looking type person and ask him if he’ll take your car and park it. Instead, he tells you to drive to the end of the car park, where he says, ‘there got valet signboard’.

There’s no ‘valet signboard’ at the end of the car park, but another valet-looking type person is there, and he asks me to park the car along the wall, though not in a marked lot, as those have long been taken, because the people that built Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Medical Centre figured, when they built the hospital, that only 30 or so parking lots were required at any one time.

Once I’ve parked the car and gotten out of it, still a bit unfamiliar with this self-service car valet service, the valet-looking type person approaches me and says, ‘wah, why you park until liddat? tsk tsk tsk tsk’, and I’m only sure I’m supposed to pass my car key to him when he hands me a voucher.

The service is free though.

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