Painting flavours

NogawaThere’s a little Japanese restaurant on Sentosa whose name is an institution in Singapore, and we were fortunate enough to be invited there to eat ourselves to death last Saturday night.

It was by far the best Japanese food I have ever tasted in my life. I know Japanese food is supposed to be delicate and its flavours intricate, but Nogawa’s newest restaurant at Sentosa Golf Club is really a hidden treasure – especially if you’re not accustomed to travelling to Sentosa for dinner (we were saying we were a few years too early – there’d be much more to do if a casino were already there), or if you were not a member of the Sentosa Golf Club.

I’m not a foodie, and I find it difficult to describe food, unlike them slow food convivivivors, and I often just say if the food’s “good” or “bad”.

But at Nogawa’s Sentosa… Man! Every morsel of every dish seemed to paint a subtly distinct flavour in my mouth. If you can imagine a Pantone chart-like chart of flavours, you’d know what I mean.

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Before you rush down Sentosa Gateway and pay the toll and entrance fee to Singapore’s Last Resort Island to check out the menu, you might want to do what some seasoned sushi afficionados do – chat up the sushi chef and ask what’s good. You’re likely to sample things not on the menu, like Fugu, the very poisonous puffer fish which, if not prepared properly, might kill you where you sit. (In a reputable Japanese restaurant, you’d be able to enjoy Fugu and live at least till after you’ve paid the bill).

There was a soup dish which our hostess described as ‘puffer fish sperm’, and having written that, I feel obliged to show a picture of the soup dish – just so you know that it looks as good as it is palatable:

Sounds better in Japanese, I think

TastytomatoThen, we were treated to the sweetest, best-tasting tomato in the entire universe.

It’s supposed to be sweeter than the Momotaro tomotoes (at $3 each at Cold Storage) that are sold locally alongside other currently fashionable fruit such as blood oranges, and they’re smaller and are shaped like small onions. You can also ask for these tomatoes to be juiced, and the restaurant will serve them in shot glasses to you. How good are these things? Let’s see how I’d describe them if I were a slow food convivivivor:

“You say tomato I say tomato… let’s call the whole thing off and just eat the damn things cos they is dope!”

Lacking a bit in the theatrics, but can lah!

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Nogawa Sentosa Restaurant
27 Bukit Manis Road
Singapore 099892
Tel: 6373 7120

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8 thoughts on “Painting flavours”

  1. puffer fish sperm… where is the sperm? cannot be the huge chunks, they’re so big. sperm also want to eat? ????? soli hor, i only like the flower in this dish.

  2. puffer fish sperm… where is the sperm? cannot be the huge chunks, they’re so big. sperm also want to eat? 以形补形? soli hor, i only like the flower in this dish.

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