Yay, weekend

skyWould you just look at that? Clear blue skies with only a trace of cloud.

That’s what I saw on my Saturday morning walk around where we live. And, really, how about that weather? I know in other necks of woods, you sometimes get comfortable weather when you’re normally not supposed to, and this is just like that, you know? Not bad at all. It really put a smile on my dial.

There were other things that made me smile. Like this sign beckoning those just starting out a life of crime:

Yay weekend!
Employment opportunities for the not so quick

And how about this shocking pink pig accompanied by two brochure-givers exhorting the benefits of dining at the Hog’s Breath Cafe, but who unfortunately looks more like he’s protesting against the use of pork in Crystal Jade’s Xiaolongbao:

Yay weekend!
Porky Pink

It’s not weird or stupid or unusual, you know? It’s just…

Yay weekend!
Yes… whaddafa..?

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