A good run

Yay, flowers!Update: Engie Ho, otherwise known as the multi-tasking production administrator for the show, has diligently informed me that I shouldn’t have left out the following names from my Thank You list: Shao Ann (lightning lighting designer), Mo (the theatre costume industry), Denise Low (The Producer). And the Ang Mo volunteer’s name is Lansell. Good on youse all! So here they are.

Thank you everyone who watched Hossan: Multiple Personalities Disorder. And thank you everyone in the production for making it such an enjoyable experience. Yes, I am understating it, because I really don’t know how to describe how great the whole experience has been.

Thank you to the company: Dream Academy Playhouse, and the MPD production people: Toh Lin, Stanley, Xin’en, Kala, Sofian, Engie, Shah, Bobbie, Ashley, Joo Huey, Fifi, Li Ting, Vivian and dunno who else… oh yah, the siao on Ang Moh who volunteered at Front of House. Champions all!

Hossan and Selena. Thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love youse all!

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Paper cranes

Origami for charitySometimes, it’s quite hard to help the needy. There’s this initiative by the Southeast CDC (Community Development Council) whose instructions on the little squares of paper read:

“For every folded crane, a bowl of rice will be donated to the needy by our sponsor.

Instructions: Please fold this [piece of] paper into a crane and drop it [into some container presumably, because I don’t think they mean for you to litter…] at any Community Centres/ Clubs in [the] South East District.

This small contribution of yours is a powerful act of giving to the community.”

These squares of paper were at a cafe in Katong, and there was also a poster on the wall with illustrated instructions on how to make a paper crane. Unfortunately, all it got me were a couple of useless folded dunnowhats, and I gave up soon after that. The needy being a couple of bowls of rice short from my efforts.

Origami for charityGood thing for Google and the internet! ‘Cos I found this site that made me feel not so useless as I managed to fold, after half an hour of creasing and uncreasing the square of paper, an origami crane. Voila! Now to find a Community Centre / Club in the South East District. More rice for the needy!

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How about the weather?

Scraping Blue SkiesI’ve been popping into the 24hr Cold Storage at Holland Village to pick up fresh food after work, and I overheard a conversation between the night manager and a customer.

NM: Wah, now the weather in Singapore at night is like Hawaii ah? Cooling, windy.

C: No lah. Colder! They say Chinese New Year will snow.

NM: Har? Hail lah!

C: No. Snow!

NM: No lah. Hail lah!

C: Snooow, I tell you already. [grins]. Snooooow.

I dunno, but the joke’s lost on me there. But good to see these two fellas having a bit of fun.

And the weather has been oddly pleasant too, and I’m questioning it as if we don’t deserve good weather after a year of blazing saddle days and flash flood storms. I think better enjoy while stocks lasts.

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Thick skinned

 Albums V88 Shaoann Mpd4When Naomi asked me last night, ‘how was the show?’, I said, ‘good, Hossan was so funny I kept laughing even though I knew what was coming’.

‘Not shy, some people! Laugh at own joke!’, she said.

What I can say is, the jokes are no longer mine once they’ve been given a life of their own by Hossan. He owns the space. I mean, really! Me and the costume designer Mothar were in stitches, barely keeping our butts on our seats even though we had seen every single skit several hundred times.

And I’m not saying this just because I’m hoping more tickets will be sold. Although that would be nice. So here’s the link. Thank you very much!

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