How about the weather?

Scraping Blue SkiesI’ve been popping into the 24hr Cold Storage at Holland Village to pick up fresh food after work, and I overheard a conversation between the night manager and a customer.

NM: Wah, now the weather in Singapore at night is like Hawaii ah? Cooling, windy.

C: No lah. Colder! They say Chinese New Year will snow.

NM: Har? Hail lah!

C: No. Snow!

NM: No lah. Hail lah!

C: Snooow, I tell you already. [grins]. Snooooow.

I dunno, but the joke’s lost on me there. But good to see these two fellas having a bit of fun.

And the weather has been oddly pleasant too, and I’m questioning it as if we don’t deserve good weather after a year of blazing saddle days and flash flood storms. I think better enjoy while stocks lasts.

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