Newater RawIt can be quite thirsty work, rehearsing for a show, even if you’re not the performer. Everything is coming together nicely. Actually, with five days to opening night, they’d better be. Thank goodness for these fizzy vitamin tablets that you put in water that make you look like you’re peeing highlighter ink an hour later.

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5 responses to “Re-hearsing”

  1. kierra Avatar

    oh… before i read the entry. i was wondering, what’s the yellowish liquid in the bottle.


  2. J. Avatar


    i thought it’s urine. so yellow because of holding the bladder for too long.

  3. Pat Law Avatar

    Was nice meeting you at 95 with Naomi albeit a very short moment. Will definitely be watching the play.

  4. eastcoastlife Avatar

    I thought you went for drug test. scare me huh!

  5. Tabitha Avatar

    Started to wonder if Ice Mountain now carried the “Yellow Snow” flavored water.

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