180Px-D1121029The Upstairs Neighbour is very, very determined. To do what, I am not sure, unless his or her objective was to puzzle me with the piano playing.

I believe it is the first time someone has made the Beatles’ ‘She Loves You‘ sound very much like a Chinese Communist Party propaganda song. The entire repertoire of his or her recital now reads:

1. She Loves You – Beatles
2. Star Wars
Main ThemeJohn Williams

Idol LThat out of the way, the guilt of watching the first two episodes of American Idol was ameliorated somewhat by a couple of really really good auditions – the best being the brother and sister pair from Seattle, Shyamali and Sanjaya Malakar. They’ve got my vote!

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10 responses to “Auditions”

  1. huh? Congratulations Jordin Sparks. What an Idol, what a name for an Idol. Looking back to the beginning of the season, and as much as I’d rather forget, I’m recalling and admitting to saying that I thought Sanjaya Malakar was a hit, and that he ‘got my vote’. Next time, must be very careful what I write. Technorati Tags: American Idol, animals, pets, sea-monkey, singapore (c) 2003-2006 Benjamin Lee / Mr Miyagi. Email: More of Mr Miyagi:

  2. singahomer Avatar

    Really cant “tahan” some of the “freaks” inside the “American Idols”..

    I mean they should know where their shortcomings are and l agreed at timeswith Simon’s “straight-to-the-face” – “I’M NOT MEANT TO BE RUDE!!”

  3. emigre Avatar

    American Idol producers go all out to source for the freakiest weirdos (Seattle, you win so far) and make them all sing one particular song eg. Don’cha or Kiss, even though it’s already so obvious they are horrendous, and then makes a montage footage – it’s what makes must-see TV.

  4. Lincoln Avatar

    I cannot understand how the really bad singers actually think they are good.

  5. eastcoastlife Avatar

    horrendous!!! Imagine the judges having to listen to so many awful singers…. shudders….

    Ah Chek, married life so boring huh? Now stay home all the time listen to neighbours bang the piano and watched American Idol.

  6. disko Avatar

    i’m curious! how did you realise it’s a she, not he?!

  7. keith Avatar

    hey there, cool site!…reality check is always good for the soul, only if means something for the hopefuls. deep inside, i think most of us feel terrible laughing at the tone-deads. hey, thats what make us human, i guess.

  8. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    disko: huh? who’s a she?

  9. disko Avatar

    oops! my bad.
    i thought you discovered the upstairs neighbour is a she!

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