Eyes catching

According to a friend, there’s a shop in Lucky Plaza which has its business model a bit screwy.

See, this friend walked into the shop browsing through funky t-shirts and accessories, and expecting the shopkeeper to mosey up to him and say something to the effect of, ‘ex-cue me, can I helpchu?’ or ‘looking for someting?’

But no, the shopkeeper went up to him and enquired instead, ‘ex-cue me, your beowt very nice, where you buy from? It’s very eyes-catching, you want to sell?’

My friend declined to sell his beowt as he was wearing it not just to catch eyes, but to hold his pants up.

Undeterred, the shopkeeper sized my friend up again and asked, ‘ex-cue me, where you buy your bag from? It’s very eyes-catching. You want to sell?’

Being the first time he was accosted by a salesperson in this manner, my friend left the shop quite unsettled, unsure as to whether the accessories he was wearing were good-looking or simply resembled a cold dessert.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Lucky Lucky Me from the album “The Very Best of Marvin Gaye” by Marvin Gaye of which I have the original CD.

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