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Foot ReflexologyIt’s been a while since I’ve been treated (or tortured) to a foot reflexology session, and though this evening’s wasn’t as painful as I expected it to be, the burly foot reflexologist at this place called Jo Place Foot Therapy Centre knuckled a couple of spots on my feet which caused a lot of wincing.

The burly reflexologist said my neck and temple were giving me trouble, and because when he had his knuckles on those spots on my feet, I had no choice but to agree wholeheartedly.

Along the comfortable armchair I was seated in was a side pocket which contained a laminated colour diagram of one’s feet, complete with the feet’s internal organs, such as the feet’s intestines, stomach, liver, lungs, and kidneys.

Foot ReflexologyThis is so that when your burly reflexologist knuckles a spot on your foot and causes you pain, you can look up the diagram to see if it’s your kidney or lymph nodes that are giving you trouble.

“You don’t get enough sleep”, the reflexologist offers.

You nod and say ‘yah’, still wincing from the pain.

“You must get more sleep”, he adds.

“I know, a lot of work, lah”, you explain, a little apologetically.

But what they should really have, in line with iN2015, is a multimedia interactive dunnowhat foot reflexology experience, so that when the burly reflexologist knuckles you on a spot that causes you pain, you can just press a button for information that comes up on screen, telling you the part of your body that’s giving you trouble – much like the ‘info’ button on your Starhub Cable Vision remote control.

Good idea, no?

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Sugar Foot Stomp from the album “Clarinet a’ la king” by Benny Goodman of which I have the original CD.

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