Month: September 2006

  • It’s like giving a box of matches to an arsonist

    What’s wrong with this country?! “Ms Claudia Koh, 25, an oil spill specialist, won a stored-value card worth $40,000 that can pay for a tanker full of petrol”… Technorati Tags: Singapore, Straits Times

  • Vale, Croc Hunter

    One of my favourite Steve Irwin moments was his cameo on the Eddie Murphy movie Doctor Dolittle 2, where he played himself and got his arm bitten off by the crocodile he was trying to grab. And grabbing crocs was something he did so well in real life, though in a way not always appreciated…

  • Village People: Hainan, Part Four

    Uncle Y Y Lee outside the house he was born in A couple of things precipitated this blog post. First, I found a link from this Hainan Island related site. Then I remembered that my uncle (father’s brother) didn’t attend my wedding because, as my cousin informed me a day before that, that he ‘couldn’t…

  • Search terms of endearment

    WTF?! Search terms that land on this blog 1. What is a penis cake? 2. If you got a penis cake, why would you still want to write on it? 3. How come I wrote about penis cakes?

  • Another mall Aussified

    Prices were un-Australian though There’s at least one blogger who’d be pleased to know that a part of Great World City’s basement two that used to be part of the car park is now part of Australia. And it’s not a bad thing, because Aussie shopping centres (and in Australia, any building with more than…