Month: September 2006

  • Vale, Brockie

    King of the Mountain I always found motor racing boring, and the Bathurst 1000 was no different. The same guy was always in the news, but when you’re such a convincing champion, you can’t help making everyone else look mediocre. Peter Brock, 1945 – 2006. Technorati Tags: australia, peter brock

  • Because in Singapore is different

    When Naomi told me to check if my Powerbook G4 was eligible for a battery exchange, I quickly went and checked, because, like, woohoo! Free battery! So I went and checked Apple’s website for the battery recall notice and instructions. It said to enter my computer’s serial number as well as the battery’s serial number,…

  • Water inside

    Nair bluff you one! Truth in labeling. Technorati Tags: food, Singapore

  • Loss

    Top: Our 11 mths old male Chihuahua was lost on 28/5/2006 at 81 East Coast Road between 12.30pm – 1.00pm. We believe that someone had took him away as he doesn’t run out by himself. He is a blue and white long coat Chihuahua. Wearing a blue and yellow collar. he is not only a…

  • The problem with Singapore soccer

    Oh… you mean we have to play to win all the time? “Victory a must for both Lions, China tonight” Other times, it’s ok if we don’t win. How to go World Cup liddat? Technorati Tags: football, Singapore, TODAY