Mandy & Roxy rule

MandyRoxyMandy & RoxyMandy & Roxy
Mandy & RoxyMandy & RoxyMandy & RoxyRoxy, Me and Mandy

Roxy & Mandy are my friend’s ‘kids’ in L.A. They ride with her to work in West Hollywood, with Roxy in the back, and Mandy on my friend’s lap. I can’t imagine her life without them. It’s such a family affair to see them around her house in Laurel Canyon, with Mandy (the smaller, Lapso Apso Something Cross) plonking herself on the window seat, looking like a stuffed toy, and Roxy (a Rottweiller-Golden Retriever cross) tearing about happily greeting everyone she sees.

Once, my friend tells me, a Fed Ex courier came to her house and got a shock of his life when Mandy jumped off the sofa. He’d thought she was a stuffed Ewok.

Whatever it is, Mandy and Roxy make everyone happy. We saw how walking them in Runyon Canyon worked a charm on jangled nerves, even though it was really quite a tough trek.

I wish we had a house big enough and places that can be called canyons where we can let dogs run. So I can keep doggies as pretty as these two.

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