Singapore Dreaming

President Nathan say good so is good
President Nathan say good!

Usually, when you watch a Singapore-made film, you watch it as if you’d look at a school project, appreciating the effort put into the project.

Colin Goh & his wife Yen Yen’s Singapore Dreaming didn’t quite afford the same behaviour. Because it was a very good film. I was drawn into the stories as soon as I unconsciously gave up trying to look for flaws in the movie.

It picked up after 10 minutes and became a compelling flow of stories which you won’t just identify with. You’ll live them, you’ll dream them.

Thank you Colin for inviting us to the premiere! Good seats my ass! P27-28 is good seats meh? I thought we’d be sitting next to the President! If that’s how you treat former classmates… then… basket!

But seriously though, well done, dude. You own the space!

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