Eh? No ban on podcasts?

Update: The CNA news article seems to have been yanked off. Wonder what happened. But no worry, it’s still on Yahoo! as well as mrbrown’s.

Apparently Channel Newsasia can podcast and videocast bloggers’ coverage of the elections during this, the election period. We’ve always known that mr brown’s and my slogan for this month, ‘Remember, Prison Got No Broadband’, doesn’t apply to our nation’s premier news network, nor to our nation’s finest newspapers.

The blurb on CNA’s website says that bloggers Farid Johari and Au Yong May Lin will be “uploading their clips to the Channel Newsasia website instantaneously”.

Instantaneously, you know? Like, damned fast like that. It also helps that the bloggers work for CNA. For bloggers who don’t work for CNA, ST, TNP and TODAY (eh? I also leh…) you could try sending your clips to SGRally, which is not a car-racing site.

Ceci n’est pas un political slogan

Podcast: the mrbrown show 26 Apr 2006: the persistently non-political podcast no. 1 (MP3, Filesize: 1.3mb, Time: 00:02:31)


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