Yesterday once more

One of my father’s favourite stories whenever someone mentions Lee Kuan Yew is this:

He was working [as a lawyer] for the union, then he come in and my boss said, ‘Young Lee, please assist the senior Lee’, and then he bang the table you know? Very fierce! And I take out all the documents to show him!

He’s been telling this story since I was little, and it’s still just as muddled to me now as it was when I was four. I’m just wondering if the people at the National Heritage Board’s site, (yes, sold them the URL), would be a repository of stories such as my dad’s, which are kinda, you know, hard to corroborate, unless LKY himself were to verify that meeting, if he remembered such a thing.

If you were to ask Dad to retell his story in greater detail, all he’d tell you would be, ‘Very fierce, you know? Like gangster! Bang table!’

Dad’s got many other stories he regales us with once a while, like the time he stuffed up an interpretation job at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

But essentially, his stories, if you could call them that, are mere sound bytes, and don’t quite make up a whole story on their own. But boy, are they rich. And if you’re running a blog or a podcast, you’d know what to do if you had these things.

So, get to it.

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