Podcast: wonders of singapore 1, katong

katong.jpgKatong is a much vaunted suburb. The people who live out here and hereabouts are dead proud of the area and are so blase about its many little quirks that they pretend that it’s nothing out of the ordinary when someone from any other, less interesting, part of Singapore say something along the lines of ‘eh, so cute, the red house, so antique, so quaint.’

It takes a tour guide like ‘Noodle Chia’ (full name Chia Mee Kiah) to show you the real Katong, warts, massage parlours and all.

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Podcast: the mrbrown show 27 March 2006: wonders of singapore 1, katong
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  1. Singapore is one of the most progressive countries now a days, no wonder why there are so many commercial buildings that had popped out.

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