Podcast: Singapore GaGa

Tan Pin Pin & Margaret Leng TanTan Pin Pin & Margaret Leng TanTan Pin Pin & Margaret Leng TanTan Pin Pin & Margaret Leng Tan

I already enjoy documentaries, but Singapore Gaga is something I’d watch more than once, and in fact, already have. Maybe because it’s a film that makes you go, ‘hey, I also can make a film liddat’.

Film maker Tan Pin Pin brought along one of her subjects in the film, Margaret Leng Tan, and the film’s publicist, Teng Qian Xi, to our studio to record this week’s podcast.

I like it when we don’t know what to expect – and from the sounds (not just the toilet door opening and closing ) you’ll hear on the podcast, it was a fun, noisy session which went every which way. Just as well, because as usual, we didn’t script the damned thing.

Thank you Margaret for all the impromptu noise-making with the little collection of instruments you brought.

Oh yah, and don’t forget, this month’s shows are proudly sponsored by Okamoto Condomsmade exclusively of Sheerlon, a material so strong they can make things much thinner, etc. The Condom Contest is also still on – go to the website to register and win up to $1,000 in cash prizes!

Podcast: the mrbrown show 11 Mar 2006: Singapore Gaga


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