Podcast: mrbrown show 20 Mar 2006: Zhng My Car 7 (The Erection Special)

The problem with wearing these bags is that you can’t really remember where you were standing in a photoshoot… I think I’m on the left, and the one with the big bag is mrbrown

So, Lee U-Wen calls me on Thursday to ask me a coupla questions regarding blogging and the elections. I tell him straightaway, ‘wah lao, over already lah, say so many times liao, still want to talk about it?’, or something to that effect. He says, ‘No, not over yet’. And I ask him, ‘You want juicy quote is it? I give you juicy quote lah!’

So, I say something about the current laws not being clear enough for bloggers to know exactly what can and cannot be done. Like, for example, the law (Parliamentary Elections Act) says that you cannot conduct any political advertising or make any party political film during the election period.

So, which means, technically, you could do something on your blog before the period, but during the period, you have to take it down and ensure that nothing appears in cache during the election period – because, you know, things that you wrote and filmed before the election period would not influence the electorate during the election period. Doesn’t matter if it were exactly the same in terms of content as something you might have written during the election period. Y’know?

Dunno lah. I’m just a blogger. The paper bag’s making it hard for me to breaf.

Read U-Wen’s Weekend Today article, and shake in your boots at his snide “Welcome to the real world, bloggers”.

Don’t wanna? Well, just listen to our podcast then. More fun, I tell youse. Especially since it’s still sponsored by Okamoto Condoms, and there’s still a contest going on where you can win up to $1000 in cash prizes.

Podcast: the mrbrown show 20 Mar 2006: Zhng My Car 7 (The Erection Special) (MP3, Filesize: 9.3mb, Time: 00:17:41)


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  1. Everyone’s favourite Ah Beng mechanic, Johnny, has to zhng the car of an unnamed politician. His co-host isMr Miyagi, yes, the one who hasn’t got his car back yet. the mrbrown show for the month of March 2006 is kindly brought to you by Okamoto Condoms. There is even a contest with cash prizes! Just head over to http://www.condomcontest.com

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