Sing a song, buy some roses, Valentine’s Day is nigh

You’ll notice on my sidebar several small advertisements, one of which is for a gift voucher company that is offering special Valentine’s Day packages. I met up with the blokes who run the company, and they told me several interesting things about the Valentine’s Day retail (sucker) business. I’ll be sharing these things with you in a bit. (Yes, for the ad, they are paying me a sum of money large enough for me to kick up my feet and retire. For a day.)

Picture 5.pngBut it is silly season again, and because Valentine’s is near, mrbrown and myself decided we’d do a podcast sans guests, so we can warm your hearts with soppy songs and little fluttery gestures. But don’t worry. It’s not Brokeback Mountain. We know how to quit each other.

I’ve also revived an old blog started in February last year, and dedicated to St Valentine’s Day, and have invited LMD to co-blog entries for the remaining days leading to the 14th of February. Go read, and tell her how much you enjoy her writing.

Podcast: the mrbrown show 8th Feb 2006 – Valentine’s Day Special
Surf stop: Not Romancing Singapore

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4 responses to “Sing a song, buy some roses, Valentine’s Day is nigh”

  1. [IMG Valentinesshow]Update: There were some problems with the feed in iTunes and Odeo, but I have since fixed it. So your subscriptions should work now. Sorry for the trouble! brown andMiyagi give you the very first Valentine’s Day special for the mrbrown show. Download the ringtone! It is free! Impress your friends! Become social pariahs! Warning! This podcast has an MA18 rating because Miyagi uses one bad word. Minors and people who are

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  3. Lincoln Avatar

    Silly Season it is….. You are so right.

  4. Lincoln Avatar

    Silly Season it is….. You are so right.

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