Army Daze: Total Recall

Podcast: Where on earth are we?You’ll never have met a more tired bunch of actors as me and mr brown did at the PA Headquarters’ rehearsal rooms (who says they’re not hip?) at Kallang.

Beatrice Chia wanted to go home, and Sheik Haikel’s hair was all over the place (hur hur), and was on the brink of passing out. So, we excused them both (because if Haikel were to pass out and fall on you, you’d take a long time to recover).

Thankfully, Vernon A, Hossan Leong, Sebastian Tan and Robin Goh were sporting enough to grudgingly stay behind after one of their rehearsals so that they could guest star on our podcast.

Podcast: the mrbrown show 22 Feb 2006: Army Daze

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The Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble’s production of Army Daze opens 2nd March 2006.

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TODAY: Living in glass houses

glasshouses.jpgRemember, you shot it on your handphone – don’t cry if that intimate snap becomes public domain viewing

THIS is not new: A couple recording themselves having sex on video, promptly losing the recording and then reeling in horror as it is flashed all over the Internet. Think Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, think Paris Hilton.

Read more at TODAYonline: [pdf][text]

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We are one

Picture 11.pngFunny how the Channel Newsasia text version of the interview manages to mash up quotes from mr brown and myself, then attribute them only to me. (Yes, we are doing a lot of things together, but we’re just friends, ok? Not even a Brokeback Hill here.)

We also spoke about podcasting and how much fun we’re having with it, so they put that into another text article on their site.

Not that anyone’s interested in this matter right now, now that there’s that Nanyang Polytechnic Sex Scandal thing going on. Blardy hell, now no-one will download our podcasts!

Video Podcast: the mrbrown show (video) 19 Feb 2006: Show 2, CNA interview

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Don’t say we nair warn you hor?

mr brown on Channel 5Mr Miyagi on Channel Newsasia
“This is not what I meant by videoconferencing!” – mr brown on 5 and Mr Miyagi on CNA

mr brown and myself were interviewed by Mediacorp news last week and our segments were screened tonight separately on Ch 5 and CNA respectively. We were asked our views as regards blogging and podcasting about the upcoming General Elections. We spoke at length about the issue. Very at length. Until they had to summarise our views into a 10 – 15 second segment.

I know it’s old news, this blogging and the elections thing, but if you lot are so inclined as to blog about the elections and rallies, please, look up not just the Parliamentary Elections Act, but any other Act of Parliament that may regulate blogging. Fuck lah, go read everything. It’s good for you.

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