Don’t say we nair warn you hor?

mr brown on Channel 5Mr Miyagi on Channel Newsasia
“This is not what I meant by videoconferencing!” – mr brown on 5 and Mr Miyagi on CNA

mr brown and myself were interviewed by Mediacorp news last week and our segments were screened tonight separately on Ch 5 and CNA respectively. We were asked our views as regards blogging and podcasting about the upcoming General Elections. We spoke at length about the issue. Very at length. Until they had to summarise our views into a 10 – 15 second segment.

I know it’s old news, this blogging and the elections thing, but if you lot are so inclined as to blog about the elections and rallies, please, look up not just the Parliamentary Elections Act, but any other Act of Parliament that may regulate blogging. Fuck lah, go read everything. It’s good for you.

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