Mr Miyagi puts it rather squarely

Bloggers are self-serving, unless of course there’s a greater community need where it will serve the blogger himself to actually help out, I don’t think bloggers will go out of their way unless they have a real altruistic nature about them lah.

Yes, I said that to Jermyn Chow, the Straits Times Interactive reporter who had to file his story podcast. And what about that term again – the ‘glass houses’ one? Thank you, Alex Au, for the gift that keeps on giving.

mrbrown and I were interviewed on the phone this afternoon for the follow-up stories on the stolen handphone sex video clip saga. Why, you may well ask? Especially since neither of us has ever stolen a phone or made a sex video clip (no, honest)?

Well, the story angle (and there always has to be one with these tree-based media type publications) links the saga to the what reporter Jermyn Chow calls ‘the power of blogging’. Well, since mrbrown’s and my blogs are (ahem) quite ‘power’, I supposed that’s what makes us the voices of authority on matters like this. The same applies to when they do stories on electoral laws and any other thing you could poke a stick at and say ‘hey, I think global warming’s caused by blogs, I better call mrbrown and Mr Miyagi and ask them what they think’.

‘And what about the war in Iraq? Damn those bloggers!’

But apart from that, Jermyn and I had a good chat about the whole thing, and he expressed his frustration in trying to get hold of the source of the story.

Well, is liddat one lah, hor? But I did assure him that blogs and bloggers were not ‘out to get mainstream media’, and that he’d still keep his job, except for if he takes a blogger’s word for the truth and publishes something he takes to be fact without actually corroborating it.

It could happen. There’s no law against lying to a reporter. You just have to sift out the bad from the credible ones, dude.

Podcast: STI: Spin-offs from home-made sex video?

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    good job!

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    good job!

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