Doubt not the power of the blog

On a personal level lah.

I received this comment early this morning:

Darling Ben! Thank for about the only entry on the entire internet about me…you were a star all those many years ago! What a chance this was to stumble across your blog. Thank you for all the nice things you said in your entry about me… and thank you for leaving out all the other bits!!!Don’t worry… my internet presence is about to start bit time… look out…WELCOME TO LOLLYWOOD!!
keep in touch luv…..

I hadn’t been in touch with the commenter since even before I left Australia in 2000. Now he’s left a comment, and I’ve written him back, and he’s written me back, and I’m feewling all warm and fuzzy, cos it’s just past Valentine’s Day and all, and though I hating typing the word ‘sigh’ to sigh, and I hate using ellipses, …sigh.

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Harbour Cruise, Sydney 1998
Days were the those: Sydney 1998

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