I recently attended a wedding, and it was the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended.

It was held at someone’s home, and it was simple. There wasn’t much by way of ceremony except for the exchange of vows/dedications.

The wedding couple was as beautiful as they have always been, when I’ve had the chance to see them together. So much so that when this chance to witness them renewing their vows came, there was never a chance I was going to pass it up.

And so, to you, B and B, thank you for being beacons. Your love for each other makes a mockery of dunnowhat Valentine’s Day and its attendant nonsense.

But this kind of nonsense, I don’t mind lah!

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Bright Nights from the album “Waltz For Koop” by Koop of which I have the original CD.

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