Please allow to use my photo

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Russian Restaurants Around The World

Update: Alex from wasn’t very happy I posted our email exchange wherein he asked to use my Flickr photo of Shashlik restaurant and wherein I agreed. So he wrote to ask me nicely to remove the email exchange, which I now have:

Subject: Re: Please allow to use your photo
Date: 10 January 2006 2:04:10 PM GMT+08:00
To: bsylee

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iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Gimn Sovyetskovo Soyuza (Hymn of the Soviet Union) {Russia (USSR)} from the album “National Anthems of the World” by Stan Kenton & His Orchestra of which I have the original CD.

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  2. Stan Avatar you sure are evil…lol

  3. Stan Avatar you sure are evil…lol

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