A pair of kumquats

KumquatsBecause Chinese New Year is nigh, my fruit of the moment is the kumquat. Why? Because it sounds like something you’d scold someone with. Which means it has a silly sounding name. Don’t agree? Well then, you’re a right kumquat!

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Wilson Pickett – Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool You from the album “Random Tracks” by Soul Shower of which I have the original CD.

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Tet a Tet

After the Kitchen God has gone to the Heaven, preparations for the New Year festivities begin in enthusiasm.

I’m all for the Vietnamese community celebrating Tet. But when the Vietnamese community descends upon my neighbourhood, and has a huge ass garden party within earshot till the wee hours, I’m not so enthusiastic anymore. There’s only so much Viet ‘Tetno’ music you can handle on what you planned to be a quiet Saturday night at home.

But what to do? The Vietnamese are known for celebrating Tet in a big, big way.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Zero Zero One from the album “Everyone Loves You” by Naomi of which I have the original CD.

Surf stop: Celebrate Tet

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Reservist hangover

Tick bite!During my ICT in Queensland, we wore uniforms which were treated with permethrin, a vial of which was given to us by the Army before the trip for to soak our uniforms ourselves. I soaked the combat fatigues (No. 4s), but not our grey vests, shorts and socks.

Permethrin is a nerve agent which is very poisonous, and which kills insects on contact as well.

During one of the very few down times in the field, I took off my No. 4 top and wore a grey vest while I rested. A little tick decided to have a bite of my left upper arm. I didn’t notice it till a few hours later when I felt a bump on my arm. Then I stupidly plucked the insect off thinking it was an ant. It was only upon closer inspection that I realised it was a tick.

Now, it’s flared up, the spot where the tick used to be – and I think the little bastard’s head’s still under my skin.

Three things you don’t do, folks:

1) Go to Queensland for Army training – there are ticks in the woods there.

2) Pluck a tick off your skin – leaves the little bastard’s head under your skin.

3) Look up the internet to explain symptoms of tick bites – brings out your inner hypochondriac.

Damn right they should appreciate NSmen’s contribution to the nation!

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Brother Where Are You? (Matthew Herbert Mix) from the album “Verve Remixed 2” by Oscar Brown Jr. of which I have the original CD.

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Institute of Policy Studies

Institute of Policy Studiesmrbrown and I went to the Institute of Policy Studies this afternoon and met half a dozen old schoolmates. We did a little show and tell for them. Later on, ask we finished the cakes and puffs which were at the table outside. Then we rushed back to work.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Soul For Sahib from the album “Waltz For Koop” by Koop of which I have the original CD.

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