Happy Year of the Dog

Red, can alreadyIt’s a happy new year when it’s a long weekend.

This weekend, I spent time at home with the family, went to play with dogs, then went to the hospital to visit someone who was unfortunate enough to suffer appendicitis during the weekend.

But all’s good, and I’m wagging my tail already.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of BillyPreston-Struttin of which I have the original CD.

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Nosso good alluvasudden

I had previously written about how wonderful the pizza at this place was. But sadly, it seems, in a matter of months, I’ve had to write this here post about how the pizza isn’t so wonderful anymore. And neither are the people behind the counter that serve it.

“Donato is very busy at his restaurant, he doesn’t come here very often anymore”

So the new chef tells me. Apparently Donato taught him how to make the pizzas, he also said when I told him that the pizzas tasted different.

Also, maybe they’ve had too many people doing a runner – they now collect your hard earned pizza money first before you are served.

Where’s the trust? Where’s the love? Where’s the good-tasting pizza gone?

Donato! Come back! Your new staff suck!

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Grey from the album “Skin (Disc 1)” by Endorphin of which I have the original CD.

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Sebastian Tan (Part II): They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway (that’s why Bengs like it)

[Read Part I here]

Sebastian Tan: Broadway BengI get exhausted watching Sebastian, or Ah Piew, as he’s known to friends, in almost any context. On stage, offstage, at friends’ parties – Seb’s almost always stealing the limelight, albeit unintentionally, with his incessant banter, dancing, singing, miming and about one soliloquy every half hour – in English, Singlish, Mandarin and then, Hokkien.

As Sebastian said during our podcast recording at the Dream Academy’s premises in Chip Bee Gardens, “I come from a Hokkien family, that’s why I can speak it (Hokkien) quite well”.

Quite well. The man makes Hokkien sound good.

Five years ago when I was business manager of an entertainment agency, I was told of a Sebastian Tan, an actor who was, in the words of a friend of his, ‘quite desperate’ for work.

the mrbrown show with sebastian tanLooking through his CV then, which had a smattering of ensemble performances now and again with no television work, it seemed difficult to place him in any television role, which at that time, was the purpose of the company I worked for. No matter that he had had prior training during National Service, with Mindef’s Music and Drama Company.

Was Sebastian disillusioned at any point during his career at not being able to eke out a living despite being known as one of the more talented men to ‘graduate’ from the MDC?

I don’t know if it was press presence during our recording, but Sebastian seemed pretty reticent to recount any of the feelings of disappointment that I remember him expressing when I met him years ago.

Or maybe it’s because he’s got Broadway Beng this coming week (and which is slated to tour KL as well later on in the year), and Army Daze in March. Whatever it is, Sebastian Tan Ah Piew deserves every minute in the limelight.

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TODAY: Let’s begin the year by talking dog

2501Vol020 MPooches air their grievances, just don’t call it cattiness …

Local blog aggregator suggests: “From Saturday 28 Jan (Chinese New Year Eve) to Tuesday 31 Jan (third day of Chinese New Year), will only publish posts that contain the word “dog” and/or “oranges”, or actual pictures of dogs and/or oranges. The posts can still be about anything Singapore-related, as always – they just have to include the theme words.” But before you get ‘too creative’, editor Daryl Sng adds: “Submissions about dogs dyed orange will be referred to the SPCA.”

Well, it is going to be the Year of the Dog, and a rudimentary search has found some bits of the blogosphere dominated by dogs.

Read more at TODAYonline [pdf][text]

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Sebastian Tan (Part I): They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway (that’s why Bengs like it)

 Images Web Events Theatre Bengpic-1Peng You! Pls support my 1st ever stand-up comedy musical, BROADWAY BENG! 2-7feb. Get Tics at $35, $50, sistic now for gd seats! Call yr mother, grandmother, aunties, etc

So went the SMS message from Sebastian Tan last Monday. If you didn’t already know, he’s performing in his solo show, ‘Broadway Beng’, where he sings musical theatre hits from the biggest shows staged on Broadway and on London’s West End.

And if you didn’t already know, Sebastian’s also recently returned from the West End, where he played the role of Thuy in the UK production of Cameron Mackintosh’s ‘Miss Saigon’.

Sebastian Tan is dying to tell us all about the experience. “I learnt a lot about how the English don’t know how to ‘lim teh’ or ‘lim jiu’ or talk properly to ‘lim peh’!”

Now freshly restored to his Singapore-Hokkien, born-and-bred-in-Redhill roots, Sebastian will ponder the differences of all things East and West with songs like I’m a Ge Tai God and other great songs for the whole Fu*kien Family.

– Broadway Beng flyer text

Sebastian Tan: Broadway BengBut just how Beng is Sebastian Tan? Surely you’d imagine someone as uncouth as to be described as a Beng wouldn’t be able to pass muster at an audition, much less cut it as a practitioner in musical theatre.

We thought it’d be apt to have Sebastian on the mrbrown show, as a guest of Johnny’s Zhng My Car. We were right. Sebastian outgunned Johnny in the Hokkien stakes throughout the session.

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