Try ecto. It’s rilly, rilly good

Picture 2-2I like being able to compose blog posts even when I’m not online – though that’s quite seldom. And while you could use any old text editor or word processor to compose and format your posts, you’d still have to do a bit of cutting, pasting or clicking here and there.

So I’ve been using blogging client software for a bit now – beginning with w.bloggar (Windows only), and for the past half year, with this nifty little one for both Mac and Windows, called ecto. There are sweet little script functions that allow you to add technorati tags, iTunes info, Amazon IDs, paste iPhoto pictures and customise a whole lot of other things to make blogging easier, so that when you’re blogging, you’re concentrating on your content, and not about formatting.

Picture 3-3ecto also works with almost every single blog engine that I know, or are worth knowing – Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, Livejournal – so it means you can keep track of and post to several blogs, just from the one application. Good hor?

So, if you’re still logging on to Blogger or, and regularly losing half-done blog posts because your mother came into the room and pulled the modem plug out to vacuum the floor, I reckon now’s as good a time as any to check ecto out.

Any connection dead or alive between this software review and this blog being named ecto-powered blog of the week is purely coincidental. But thank you ecto! You is rawks!

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of The Christmas Song from the album “2046 Original Soundtrack” by Nat King Cole And The Nat King Cole Trio of which I have the original CD.

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